Chef Gilles Epie is not only a world class chef, but a world class  international businessman. 

Chef Epie has received many awards and has decades of experience, he was the youngest chef in France to win the coveted Michelin star at 22.  His restaurant expertise is in both France and the United States.   He currently can be found daily in his Paris restaurant, Citrus Etoile, but also makes weekly trips out to Charles De Gaulle to run his restaurant, Frenchy’s Bistro, located in the international terminal at the busy airport.

These days he is also available to consult for new restaurants and existing restaurants who need a fresh menu to keep them competitive in the today’s aggressive restaurant climate.

He is constantly being filmed for various television programs, as well as, his own reality series in its second season, The Life Of A Grand Chef.

Chef Epie is also considered to be the top chef when it comes to social media as he is interacting nonstop on Facebook, Twitter and Whosay.  Chef Epie consulting is an important part of his brand and he is eager to help those that need the skills of a top chef all over the world, be it to open their own restaurant, host a private dinner, be a guest speaker, give a cooking demonstration, or to endorse various products.  Please contact his team with all inquires.


6 rue Arsène Houssaye

PARIS 75008

Service Voiturier

tel: (33)01 42 89 15 51

fax: (33)01 42 89 28 67

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