Jun 27, 2016

Recipe : Provencal beef stew

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Best recipe of provencal beef stew with olive


Type: Flat;

For 4 persons;

best recipe of provencal beef stew with olive recette gastronomique daube de joue de boeuf


Ingrédients :

160g beef stew per person (entire)
1.5 liters of heady wine
Taggiache olives
3 basil boots
1 kg of potato
Butter, milk
Olive oil
4 big carrots
1 beef broth cube
Mixed Greens
Garlic, rosemary
Base powder veal

Preparation : 

The meat
Roast the meat in a pan with olive oil
Add the garlic and deglaze with red wine
Moisten with wine, add the veal stock, water and the bouquet garnish
Cover and cook on slowly heat  for 2:30

Mashed carrots and basil
Plunge a basil in a casserole boiling salted water, one minute
Reserve the basil few minutes in a ice water
Ride with olive oil in a blender..
Cook the peeled potatoes in boiling water
Cook the peeled carrots in boiling water with a bouillon cube.
Strain the meat juices and reduce.
Pass the potatoes through a food mill, add butter and milk.
Mix the basil paste puree until it becomes completely green. Brown beef in a pan and sprinkle with juice.
Pass the carrots in the microwave and top with mustard and parsley.

Dressing :

Put the piece of beef at the center of the plate, top with sauce, add the basil puree and carrots on the side. And drop the olives on the beef, crushed pepper and greens for decoration ..

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