Jun 27, 2016

Recipe : Cheesecake

written by gilles
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Easy dessert recipe of Cheesecake

Type: Desert;

For 4 persons;


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Ingredients :
250g whole mounted cream
250g cream cheese
125g mascarpone
Sugar 125g
1 vanilla pod
250g sugar
25g salted butter
150g cream
1 pinch of sea salt

For the crumble dough:
100g of flour
100g iced sugar
100g butter
100g chopped almonds

Preparation :
Caramel :
Make a dry caramel
Deglaze with butter, and mix up
Add the cream
Reduce and refrigerate (add coarse salt when it is fresh)

The dough crumble:
Mix the flour, icing sugar, butter, chopped almonds
Bake 15 minutes at 180 ° and lett refrigerate

Cheese mixture:
On one hand up mount the cream with the vanilla pods
Combine cheese, mascarpone, sugar in a bowl, smooth
Mix the whipped cream and tight cream and refrigerate

Dresing :
In the high circles of 12cm / 10cm put the crumble in the bottom half of the cheese product. Then make a hole in the middle, pour the caramel, cover with cream and add a mint leaf on top.

Place 2 hours in the fridge
You can eat the Easy dessert recipe of Cheesecake