Jun 27, 2016

Recipe : Truffled Creamed Peas with Crab

written by gilles
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French recipe of truffled creamed peas with crab


recette cuisine facile sans four de veloute de petits pois french recipe of truffled cream peas with crab


Serves 4:

1kg Fresh Peas
box of chopped truffles
50 grams per person for Crabmeat
whipped cream 25cl
Chervil or parsley
Olive oil
Salt, pepper and Espelette chili


Blanch the peas, divide them in half and save one half for later.
Cook the other half of peas in boiling salted water for 4 minutes.
Drain and mix in a blender.
Add the peas slowly until velvety.

Make the whip cream.

Put on plate and add the remaining peas, gently put the crab meat and truffles on top with a dollop of whipped cream, decorate with chervil.
Finally drizzle with a little oil, pepper and Espelette chili.

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