Citrus Etoile

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Citrus Etoile is a gourmet restaurant located within walking distance from the famous Parisian avenue of the Champs-Elysées. You will be able to taste a light and refined kitchen there.

Citrus Etoile is one of the best restaurant in Paris.

Just a few steps from the Champs Elysees in the 8th, you can enjoy great food, wonderful wines and the elegant atmosphere that the restaurant offers.
The creativity and innovative cuisine by Chef Epie makes Citrus Etoile a Paris must.

Paris is the heart of gourmet food and Citrus Etoile has been gaining attention ever since it opened in 2005. Chef Gilles Epie’s reputation preceded him from when he was the youngest chef to receive the Michelin Star at the age of 22 (a record he holds to this day). Chef Epie believes that food is a cultural experience and he wishes to take his customers on a journey of taste and textures with the best ingredients that the world has to offer.

Citrus Etoile is a Parisian gastronomy restaurant . Chef Gilles Epie with his consistent excellence has brought his restaurant to not only rank as a top restaurant in Paris but as a top restaurant in the world. Citrus Etoile opened in 2005 and by 2006 Conde Nast Travel listed it as one of the Top 100 Hot Restaurants in the World.

Citrus Etoile is small, which allows Chef Epie to run it exactly as he has always dreamed, giving the attention that is necessary to make everything run to perfection, from the staff to the extensive wine cellar.

Chef Epie’s passion resonates everywhere from his respect for food to his desire for feeding people the best that Paris has to offer. Chef Epie makes Citrus Etoile a restaurant that people return to again and again. Valet Parking