Jun 26, 2016

Recipe : John Dory with calamari, lemon broth , combawa and chanterelle muschrooms

written by gilles
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Top chef and easy recipe of john dory with calamari

Type: Flat;

For 4 persons;


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4John Dory
4 squid
8 little carrots
8 mini leeks
200g mushrooms
1 combawa
1 lemon
1 bouquet garni
100g of sugar
½ liter of white wine
15cl of olive oil


Lift the stone holy, or ask the fishmonger to do it.
The fish smell: Heat the oil, washing , crushing, add and mix.
Deglaze with white wine. Add the water, the bouquet garnish and leave on low heat
Peel the bright lemon (yellow and white skin), cut, seed,
Heat slowly in a saucepan with sugar and water, 40 min.
Wash the squid, cut into small pieces (Vietnamese)
Cook the squid tentacles very quickly and keep the head
Peel and wash the chanterelles quickly two or three times in cold water and drain
In a small skillet, sauté the mushrooms in olive oil
Drain the mushrooms and set aside.
Keep the water drained mushrooms
Redo skip the mushrooms in butter.
Peel carrots and leeks and heat them in the microwave with a little olive oil
In a pan, arrange the fish fillets, salted pepper, a little broth and add the lemon condiment. Add lime leaves carved in the fish stock. Zester combawa the top and cook slowly (2 to 3 minutes of cooking).
At the last moment mixing squid, chanterelles and Espelette pepper.
In the plate, align carrots and leeks, interspersed, remove the top of John Dore, add the squid and chanterelles around. Then reduce the cooking broth and top with fish

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