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Dossier de Presse Gilles Epié

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« … I must be humble because in the kitchen my ingredients rule over me, I am merely a servant to them …  »

« … My cuisine is an authentic, elegant French cuisine, but family friendly and light …  »

« Only fresh French products that I choose myself every morning is what we use at Citrus Etoile »



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Chef Epié started working at the age of 14 and trained with the best Chefs, Alain Senderens
and Alain Ducasse amongst others. After mastering Paris with his Michelin star at 22 in
1989, he left in 1995 to explore US cuisine. Not speaking a word of English, within a year he
was voted the Best Chef Of America in 1996. He catered Frank Sinatra’s 80th birthday; and
then SophiaLoren’s birthday.

He cooked the Presidential Dinner for George Bush, Clinton, Ronald Reagan, and Gerald
Ford. His aficionados includes the King of Sweden, Sheik of Qatar, Bruce Springsteen, superstar
guitarist Slash, Sharon Stone, Richard Gere, Elizabeth Taylor, and Princess Diana.



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What does it mean to you cooking for 
one’s family ?

Cooking is first of all a pleasure, a gift to others.
Haute cuisine Chefs are before anything loving
and caring people. You must be generous to be
a great chef

How is cooking about emotions ?

A true chef puts his heart in every dish he
prepares. Cooking is all about emotions. It is
your true self you put on each plate and in that
respect it shows our vulnerability and sensitivity
tomwards life.

Life to me is simple, hence my cuisine.


                                                 What is your definition of gastronomy ?

Gastronomy is about a high end products. Then comes the added value of the work of a Chef,
who brings it closer to perfection. It is ultimate simplicity and perfect methods.

                    Why should someone come to your restaurant Citrus Étoile in Paris ?

First of all we use only French products of the hightest quality. And all of our products are local
seasonal and fresh out of the garden. For some products the season is only three week long.

At Citrus our ambition is to satisfy the client beyond his expectations. It is the client first.

But we wish to keep it authentic : refined and serious but with simplicity. What’s more our
location is truly exceptionnal as we are at the top of the Champs Elysées.

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                                          AWARDS & SHOWS


First Michelin Star for The Miravile, Paris, 1989

Condé Nast Traveler 2006 named Citrus Etoile as one of the Top 100 Hot Restaurants
In The World (returned to Paris 2005).

Best Restaurant in Paris to do “a business lunch” 2008

Gayot’s Best Chocolate Soufflé 2009 Chef Epié is currently the expert food correspondent
for the BBC

Gilles Épié was invited on WhoSay, the celebrities-only social network since 2011

Citrus Etoile was recently feature in Alain Ducasse’s latest book, “J’Aime Paris” (p.127)
as one of his favorite restaurants in Paris


2008 : Judge for « Iron Chef Israel »

2013 : « In The Life Of A Great Chef », 17 Episodes

2014 : « Life Of The Stewards », NRJ12

2015 : « A Frenchy In The Kitchen », Cuisine Plus, 20 Episodes

Chef Epié has been named the “chouchou » (darling) of the journalists. The critics come
in to Citrus Etoile to eat when they aren’t working to speak and learn from Gilles. The
critics not only enjoy Chef Epié’s food, but his company, for all of his acclaim, he remains
extremely accessible.

When people ask Chef Epié about his impressive past, the humble chef, says “Google me,
you will find out a lot more”. You can’t help but smile.


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Restaurant Citrus Etoile

6 rue Arsène Houssaye
75008 PARIS

tel : 01 42 89 15 51
fax : 01 42 89 28 67

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